UK Street Magician Al Welsh (aka Magic-Al) is from a new school of entertainment, pushing through his own unique brand of freestyle magic – astounding close-up magic performed right under your nose with everyday objects, borrowed from your guests!

Specialising in walk-around magic for drinks receptions, festivals, corporate events, parties and wedding receptions – Al will mingle smoothly with your guests, leaving a trial of dropped jaws at your event! This type of magic is ideal entertainment for events where you want to create a buzz and get people talking without bringing the whole party to a stop while everyone watches a show. It’s relaxed, informal but most importantly – it’s amazing!


It’s a blend of mind reading, visual street magic, pick-pocketing, watch stealing and pure shock amazement!


Most of the magic is performed with objects that are already lying around or on your guest’s person such as coins, rings, mobile phones, cutlery, watches, driving licences, cigarettes, keys etc – This makes the magic more memorable as it connects with the spectators and feels more “in the moment” and personal. Your special day will be remembered and talked about for many years to come.

Some of Magic-Al’s Recent Clients 

 “I’m going to go against my better nature and say YES! to a magician” 

Amanda Holden –  Britain’s Got Talent appearance 2009

” Magic-Al was unbelievable. The sort of stuff you see on TV and think is fake. He performed at my wedding and the crowd surrounded him for the whole time he was there. Everyone said he was one of the highlights of the wedding. Really nice guy too –  Excellent entertainer”  

Darren Pardy Coulsdon – Read Over 60 More 5 Star Reviews!

Magic-Al is available to perform magic at your event anywhere in the UK or in fact anywhere in the world! He performs a 1 or 2 hour set of mix n mingle magic that will have your guests coming up to you all night congratulating you on booking top class entertainment – even if you don’t want them to!

Watch Magic-Al’s Live Street Magic Videos here

Read over 60 Five Star Reviews here – Rated in the top 10 Magicians in the UK!

Appeared on Britain’s Got Talent that was seen by  over 15 Million TV Viewers!

Modern & Creative Close-up Street Magic as seen by world class Magicians on TV

Friendly, relaxed & cheeky personality – Blends in well with all your guests

UNDERCOVER MAGICIAN! – Surprise your guests by introducing Alex as a special friend with Magic powers!

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Alex; (+44) 07512090886
Email; alexfreestylemagician@gmail.com


Don’t just believe the hype – read over 60 FIVE STAR reviews from recent clients of Magic-Al by visiting the
reviews page!

“I’m not meant to be able to walk on water or fly through the air, but I do. I’d urge anyone else to truly believe they can do whatever they want to. Nothing is impossible”

UK Street Magician – Dynamo 

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