Party Magician Sussex

Alex Welsh aka Magic-Al quickly built a name for himself back in the day performing at local bars and clubs in Brighton’s vibrant party scene.

Performing close-up magic with everyday items such as beer mats, bottle tops, salt shakers and the usual stuff you will find in a back-street boozer, Alex was just 16 and too young to be in some of the venues, but this proved to be the perfect playground to perfect this kind of impromptu street magic.

Winning money from punters and entertaining the group of excited rowdy girls on their Hen doo’s put Alex in his element and Brighton was the perfect place for Alex to build his repertoire and master his craft, dealing with people from all walks of life, as you can expect from Brightons’ diverse population!

Forward a couple of years later when he could legally drink in the bars, demand for Alex’s act grew and many paid booking started to come in for Birthday parties in Brighton. He also teamed up with a local Indie band in Brighton called FitsRoy and would perform magic during the intervals.

Forward 10 years and Alex is now the top choice for people looking for a party magician in Brighton & Hove. Please read some of the reviews from happy clients over the years and don’t forget to check out the videos on the streets of Brighton.

If you or a loved one has a party or event in Brighton coming up, do get in touch and tell us as much information as possible and we can quickly get back to you with availability and a quote.