Wedding Magician

Having a magician at your wedding (especially in my home town of Brighton) can make your day an absolute hit with the guests who will go on to talk about it for many years to come, as we all know how memorable magic is – most people can recall the first magic trick they ever saw as a youngster.

Getting the right magician at your wedding is the trick (pun intended) you want someone who has proven experience performing at weddings and someone who is going to get on well with your guests.

Alex Welsh aka Magic-Al has performed at hundreds of weddings over the last 10 years and demand for his act is constantly growing. Alex understands that the entertainment should just flow naturally with the day and the entertainer must blend in with the guests making it a pleasant experience for all.

Alex’s style is down to earth, unassuming and casual, but the skills are smooth and slick. Your guests will instantly feel at ease as Alex moves from group to group in the venue displaying some of the most inventive cutting edge close-up magic that has taken him all over the country and Europe.

What to expect from this wedding magician in Brighton? Alex’s act consists of mindreading, pickpocketing and visual street magic that you are used to seeing on you TV screens recently. Alex’s act is very interactive and requires participation so we suggest that you add the magic during a time when people are not eating as they will have their hands and mouths full!

As we know the importance of making your big day special, we invite you to read the reviews page from happy brides and grooms who have booked Magic-Al for their wedding, also check out the videos page and watch Magic-Al in action!

Still not convinced? Why not book a free meeting with Alex in Brighton and tell him about your wedding over a coffee and check out some magic? You will be under no obligation to book him.

The wedding breakfast is also a great time for some table to table magic during the starters. Magic-Al’s style of magic is extremely interactive and uses a lot of participation. Just make sure you will allow time between the starter and the main course. The impact will be lost when people have their hands and mouths full! Also consider the waiters jobs, try to plan it so the waiters are not bringing courses during the climax of a trick! Some top advice is to book some magic for after the desserts, but don’t forget people may be nervous about their speech’s and won’t want to forget their words!