Street Magician London

London Street Magician Magic-Al has a unique style and brand of magic – he calls it freestyle magic.

If you book Magic-Al’s urban street magic act you can expect fire, smoke, pick-pocketing, watch stealing and visual street magic that will mess your head up!

“Magic-Al is a magical legend. I booked him for a surprise appearance at our wedding reception in London as my other half loves him. He loved it and I had to stop him following Al round all night so the guests could enjoy his tricks. He is so good, it’s like the stuff you see on TV with Dynamo and go ‘the people are clearly in on it, ‘ but of course no one is! AMAZING”

 Hannah Dempster – Read More Reviews Here

Some recent venues Magic-Al has performed in include Soho House, The tower of London, Ministry of Sound, The gherkin, London Zoo, the Vaults to name but a few. Magic-Al’s style is well suited to fit the urban feel of London’s vibrant culture and interest in the Arts.

If you are booking a magician in London you want them to have something different about them that will appeal to people from different walks of life. You want street magic that is modern, creative, visual and something with character.

Freestyle Corporate Magician London

Magic-Al specialises in mix n mingle street magic entertainment during cocktail receptions, welcome drinks, business and product launches in London or meet and greet events. This type of environment is ideal for freestyle magic as he can arrive with minimal props or equipment, minimal set-up time and work in minimal space!

This creates a huge ‘BUZZ’ in the room when Magic-Al flows easily from group to group performing a mix of mind-reading, pick-pocketing and impromptu magic with everyday items! Alex’s freestyle magic has often been described as ‘Jazz Magic’ as the magic can often flow from one trick to the next using borrowed items from your guests.

“World-class Magician: We hired Alex for a military Christmas function and he did not fail to amaze. He managed to command the attention of a very large room on his own and the street style magic he produced was of the best I have ever seen. I have attended other shows with top magicians such as “dynamo” and was equally impressed with Alex’s large array of tricks and the level to which he performed them. Overall a memorable evening had by all”

Dale McCarter – Read more reviews here

Trade Show Magic! – Street Magician London

Creating an exhibition stand that will attract your target audience is a big task alone, then capturing the correct data from the correct people is another huge task that’s why people hire Magic-Al in London to perform street magic style to the passers-by on your stand.

Imagine the buzz it would create on your stand, people would be intrigued as people gather round to watch the most creative street magic often seen on TV. Magic-Al will stop people in their tracks show them something amazing then pass them on to your colleagues for data capture.

Think of booking Magic-Al as an investment – just one passer-by at your trade show can be turned into a lifelong customer if they remember the amazing things they saw on your stand.

Wedding Magician London

Wedding Magicians in London are pretty abundant on the world wide web but who should you book? Every London wedding Magician is claiming to be the ‘busiest in the UK’ or ‘London’s top close-up magician’! We recommend you do your research and check out some of the street magic videos, read reviews and have a chat with Magic-Al to see what he can bring to your big day.

Party Magician London 

Magic-Al has performed at many parties across all parts of London, to people from all walks of life – rich to poor, young to old, Chinese to Irish! One thing that is consistent is the child like reactions that people experience when they see a beautiful piece of magic right under their nose.

Here are a few special occasions you could add a bit of freestyle magic to your event;

Birthday parties
End of year Party
Christmas Parties
Product Launches
Celebrity Parties
Award Ceremonies
Hen Do’s
Stag Do’s

Whatever the occasion – Magic-Al will blend in nicely with your guests freely flowing from group to group and leaving people floored with the crazy magic stunts!

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