What is a Street Magician?

What Is a Street Magician?

The term ‘Street magic’ is one of the newest forms of entertainment – well the term is but magicians have been performing street magic for thousands of years. It’s basically cool close-up magic that can be performed anywhere, anytime and not just on the street! When you think of a street magician you might think of someone rounding up huge crowds in Covent Garden, London or perhaps even someone busking!

Nowadays when you think street magician you think of legends like David Blaine and Dynamo. The show business is stripped away and and you just get raw magic that is so powerful it speaks for itself and now cheesy gags and one liners are needed to compliment the magic!

Magic-Al with Dynamo

Street magicians now perform at all types of events from corporate events around the tables to wedding receptions and parties. I think it is more the style of the performer that gets the title as a street magician. It’s the look, the presentation and the organic nature of the magic.

For my act I always use everyday objects that are usually borrowed from the spectators, therefore it keeps the magic authentic and I guess the more less ‘staged’ it feels the more organic and in the moment making me a street magician!

If I were to approach you with a large ’empty’ colorful tube, nicely painted with Egyptian hyroglifics, then produce a bunch of flowers from it you would instantly suspect that the tube is a trick tube! However a street magician should be able to approach you and produce a bunch of flowers from thin air. It’s the minimal presentation that attracts me to this type of magic.

Are you looking to hire Street Magicians in the UK?

I am going to be writing some monthly blog posts all about how to book the right magician for your event. If you are looking to add a street magician to your wedding, company event or party I will be giving some great advice and top tips on how to secure the right magician.

For now, here as some basic tips to put you on the right track.

  • Check out UK Street Magic videos on youtube
  • Read reviews – try to find a website that displays genuine reviews rather than the magicians website!
  • Check out the social media and photos

Being a close-up street magician in the UK and having performed at thousands of events in both the UK and Europe myself, I am happy to pass on my experience and knowledge I have gained from what your guests really want. They want someone who will blend in, not offend anyone and deliver an outstanding performance that will leave people amazed.

Want to meet a street magician before booking?

If you live in the London or Brighton area, I would be happy to come and meet you for a coffee, show you some street magic and talk about your event! Having worked with some of the top entertainment agencies in the country I have met some great performers at different events so I can always help suggest other entertainment or even another magician as I work closely with one of the busiest magicians in the country.

Want to book a UK Street Magician today?

Tell me about your event! I perform worldwide so wherever you are reading this from, just fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the event.

Alternatively, you can get in touch on the contact details below;

Tel; (+44)07512090886
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